Dear you,

As a band, we have a lot of thoughts regarding the illegal downloading of music. Some of us do it frequently, and some of us never do it. All of us understand and accept that illegal downloading is inevitable, and recognize that having people hear our music is the most important thing. We want people to hear our music.

That being said, we’d also like to point out that a lot of people (including ourselves) spent a lot of time and money, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears to make sure our music sounds how we want it to sound, and is packaged the way we want it to be packaged. We are a small band on an independent record label, which means when you buy our music, we actually receive a decent portion of that money. It also means that we’ve paid for almost all of the album, from the recording, mixing and mastering to the promotional expenses that follow. When you buy our music, you are allowing us to continue to make music.

If you choose to download our music without paying for it, that’s entirely your decision, and we completely forgive you. But maybe just come out to a show sometime? Burn a CD for a friend? Or write our lyrics on a bathroom stall?